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I. Oasis Insight

II. Admin Set-up Resources (Network Administrators Only)
Quickstart video as well as a list of the default fields that are found in Oasis Insight from the start and how they can be adjusted:

III. Training Resources (All Users)
Training video and guide

Our customer support and technical support teams are available to answer questions live by phone (1-888-764-0633), online chat (www.oasisinsight.net) and by email (support@oasisinsight.net) during the hours of 8AM-5PM Central, Monday-Friday.


Barcode Scanners: You can print photo ID cards for clients you serve and use a barcode scanner to quickly open/serve a client’s Case. Oasis Insight technical team recommends the following compatible devices to be used with our solutions. Please note that other models or devices may work well but have not yet been tested with the system. A couple options below:

Option A – Printing Client IDs
Regarding printing client ID cards, our team’s goal was to create a way to print ID cards in an inexpensive way so that there would not be a large cost barrier to implement the bar code scanning tools. There are currently two ways to print ID’s:

  • One-by-one as you serve a client. The ID will print on a regular 8 1/2″ x 11″ standard sheet of paper or card stock from your printer.
  • Or, print off ID cards in a “batch” using the Avery Business Card 8371 template.

For extra protection, invest in a business card laminator machine, and the laminating pouches for business cards.
Option B – Third-Party Barcode Scanning/Pre-printed Key Tag Cards – In addition to the system-generated Client ID cards, a user can scan any other type of existing barcode to associate it with a client and effectively use that as a new client ID card (click here to learn more)

Oasis is compatible with keychain barcodes (Code 128 or any 1-Dimensional Barcode with NO SPACES) and these can be purchased online from companies that specialize in this. A couple companies you may wish to explore include:


  1. Scan ID barcode
  2. Scan Assistance barcode


  1. Click on [My Agency] tab
  2. Click on [Reports] sub-tab
  3. Click on “Cases” report
  4. Select “Custom” format
  5. Click on appropriate filters
  6. Click [Next]
  7. Select “Case Name” in the “Order by” drop-down (this puts your cards in alphabetical order)
  8. Select “Multiple ID Card Avery 8371” template
  9. Click [View Report]Oasis had set one up for you that is a list of all your “Heads of Household”. Look in your Saved Reports – “Cases Report – Apr 21,2021 Custom-Built Report”