Booking to Shop

This section is for Dedham Food Pantry Clients.

What is Booking to Shop?

With Booking to Shop Dedham Food Pantry Clients can select and choose a preferred shopping time between 8am- 11:45am on Saturdays with any of the three methods below.

NOTE: Though Booking to Shop is not mandatory for DFP Clients, we still allow walk-ins. However if you don’t Book to Shop, you will be designated a shopping time when ALL clients have completed shopping.


1. Book on the Sign Up Genius Website
Click on the link to reserve your time to shop:
2. Scan QR Code

1. Open your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR Code on the right

2. A notification is generated then select: Open“”

3. Find & select your preferred slot to shop then [SUBMIT & SIGN UP]

4. Enter: first & last name, email & phone number to complete sign-up. You will receive an email confirmation. Please bookmark the Sign Up Genius page for future reservations.

3. Download Sign Up Genius App

1. On your phone, go to the Apple App (iPhone) or Google Play store (Android) to download Sign Up Genius

2. Once the app is downloaded, create a login id to access the app

3. On the app’s top right select the three lines to Find a Sign Up & when prompted for the Sign Up Creator’s Email Address enter: then select 2022 Client Shopping

4. Go to your Inbox to activate your Sign Up Genius account


  • If I want to shop this Saturday can I Book to Shop today? Sign ups for the upcoming Saturday shopping become available on Tuesdays. Please note that you can only sign up yourself.
  • Is there a Sign Up Genius app so I don’t have to scan the QR code? Yes, the app you can download on the Apple App for iPhone users or Google Play store for Androids.
  • What login id do I use for the app? When you ‘Book to Shop’, create a login id to use on the app. Sign Up Genius remembers your login id from your previous sign up.