Automated Sign-In Process (For Clients)


If you are a current food pantry client, you can text, email or call to get your place in line on the Saturday you wish to shop.  Make sure you follow these steps:

  1. First time users enroll by text or email
    1. Call 781-366-0652 or
    2. email:
  2. On the Saturday you shop:
    1. Call 781-366-0652 or
    2. email:
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation then show up at the Food Pantry to shop


To Register:        

  1. Text your name and address to: 781-366-0652  or
  2. Email your name and address to:

Note: You should get a message back that says, ‘device not registered.’ That is OK. It may take a few days for your device to be recognized as registered (enrolled).

If you cannot send a text or email, use your phone to call 781-366-0652 and leave your name and address, speaking slowly and clearly. It may take several days to get a confirmation message. You will not be able to use automated sign-in until your device or phone number has been confirmed as “registered” (enrolled).

Once your device or phone is enrolled (and you have received a confirmation call, text or email) you are ready to use auto sign-in.


Between 6am-7:30am, do one of the following:

After a few minutes you will be informed about your place in line. For example, “You will be the seventh shopper today.”

Please note, you must text, call or email from the same device on which you enrolled. Our system has to recognize your phone number or email address. If your phone number changes, you must re-enroll with the new number.

Auto sign in is completely optional. If you do not wish to enroll, you can come to the pantry any time after 7:45 but before 10:30 am to sign in manually.  We have been averaging 30 or more clients using the auto sign in. Since they are the first names on the list those signing in at the Pantry may find that they will not be called to shop until 10:00 or later.