Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2010 @ Panera Breads at Dedham Plaza in Dedham, MA

Attendees:Cecilia Butler, Jan Murphy, Katie Yanosick, Jeannette Denisi, Joe Denisi, Janet Hurwitz, Pam Aist, Rick Campagna, Brian Rogal, Lyn Rogal,Tim Kelleher, Kay Keller, Anne Maida, Lindsay Barich, Cindy Barich,
and Andrea O’Rourke

Meeting Called to Order by Co-President Lindsay Barich 6:30pm

Approved meeting minutes from October 20, 2010

Flood at Pantry:  Lynn is working with insurance company ($250 deductible) and cleaning crew.  All expenses will be submitted to insurance company.

Saturday, November 20 Shopping:  Planning to open for business but be on-call for change in plan.  If closed, we will have all Saturday deliveries stored over at First Parish for Turkey Day.

Turkey Day, November 21:  Turkey Day will be held at First Parish from 1:30-3:30.  Lindsay will pick up turkeys and baskets the morning of November 21.  Bread, turkey oil, chickens and baskets, cards all need to be picked up at pantry and brought over to First Parish.

Donations:  Lindsay received $750 check from Neponset Valley Sunrise Rotary Club

Holiday Harvest Telethon, December 9:
• On Saturday, November 20th, Dedham TV videotaped acts for the Telethon
• Two anchors from Fox 25 will make an appearance
• Need a Food/Beverage Committee
• Need Business Call Committee:  Lindsay will coordinate. A script will be provided to callers.
• Flyers:  Flyers will be placed in Dedham Times and posted around Dedham.
• Santa Clause:  Lindsay is all set.

Upcoming Events:
 Harvest Holiday Telethon- December 9, 2010
 Christmas Turkey Day-December 18, 2010  (Dedham Police)
 Book Signing with Anita Shreve, December 3, 2010 (Dedham Stroll Night)

Meeting adjourned:  7:30pm

Respectfully Submitted by
Andrea O’Rourke, Recording Secretary